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BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires companies are getting ready for the event

May 16, 2019

From September 11-14 in La Rural Trade Center, the main players of the electric, electronic and lighting industry will exhibit all the avant-garde technologies in BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires. Some of them advance their news.

Scame will exhibit load systems for wallbox electric cars, which are for home use and others for street use with antivandalistic structure.

"We have participated in the biennial since 1999. In terms of electric material, it is the most important one at regional level. There we have the possibility of having direct contact with the customer from the interior of the country and show the news", states Francisco Casella, Head of Marketing. And he adds: "This year, we wish to communicate and celebrate 20 years of the company and make known our new products, trying to position ourselves as a referent brand in terms of electric cars chargers."

As to the use of these "alternative" vehicles, Casella says that "they do not emanate greenhouse effect gases, therefore, they do not have side effects for health, there is no sound contamination, and they have a higher level of energy efficiency."

On its part, the Argentine company that makes lighting products with LED technology Akai Energy will present stadium floodlights from 250W to 1250W designed to be used in large areas and its new LED lighting line for cars.

"We have a great expectation about BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires. 65% of our goal is to create loyalty with the most important 300 customers of the country and 35% refers to large projects for street lighting and for large space lighting", says Leonardo Gadaleta, Business Manager.

On its part, Silvina Casas, Management Assistant of Circuitos Impresos SEI states that "BIEL is the way to reach active visitors and to get new ones." In this edition, they will present printed circuits with assembled components. Page 2 BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires 16° Biennial International Trade Fair of the Electric, Electronic and Lighting Industry La Rural Trade Center Buenos Aires, September 11 - 14, 2019

Micro Control company, distributor of electric materials in Argentina, will exhibit "new technologies in terms of insulation": gel insulation connections and insulating silicone gels for electric connections.

Regarding its participation in the Biennial, Sebastián Pilolla, Head of Marketing and Communication says: "we wish that you know our usual products and also the new ones, which reach different sectors and types of users. We wish they know the virtues of tangible products and can clear all doubts."

And he adds: "We are with new IP –level of protection of any electric installation material-. The products keep their quality and cost but with an additional benefit in the higher level of protection."

On its part, NUBAN will exhibit all its range of cable holder trays. Within the goals, Daniel Melidoni, Creative Director says that "being in BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires is important. It is the meeting point with the users, the industry and the distributors of all parts of the country."

For the second time, GALVASA will bring the galvanization system for small and threaded parts, through a centrifugation system, to the exhibition. It is aimed to building companies and metallurgic and road sector companies, telecommunications, electricity towers, street furniture, street lighting, among others.

BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires will be carried out on September 11-14, 2019 in La Rural Trade Center..

The exhibition is only for businessmen and professionals of the sector.  With an invitation: free of charge. People under 16 years will not be admitted, even if attending with an adult. 

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