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11 – 14.9.2019, La Rural Trade Center

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Argentina is the most developed Latin American country in the electro-electronic and lighting field. In the last years, the establishment of a series of macro-economical conditions which bet to the country’s reindustrialization and the generation of high technical qualification employment favored the recovery, growth and consolidation of this industry. It represents 1.2% of the Industrial Gross Product.

BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires

The sector is made up by more than 3,200 companies which employ approximately 40,000 qualified people. The 90% of these companies are small and medium companies that have a strong insertion in their settling zone and contribute to an improvement in the life quality of their environments.

Currently, it exports to 60 countries from the five continents highlighting as destinations Latin America, The Caribbean, Middle East, Germany, United States, India, Italy, Malaysia, and South Africa. This shows that Argentine products have a high added value and meet international quality standards.

The electro-electronic and lighting industry is one of the main technological progress engines of the country. Their products constitute transversal technologies which determine the innovation pace and growth of the economy.

*Source: CADIEEL

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