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Human Centric Lighting: it increases people's performance

10 Sep 2019

It has a positive influence on mood, on body functions, on certain anxiety states and it improves job performance. The AADL will give a conference on the subject this Friday in BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires.

Human Centric Lighting is the term used to speak about human centric lighting and the impact that artificial light has over health, well-being and performance of people.

The results of the Office Lighting Solution 2018 research show an increase in job performance when people work with human centric lighting. These results indicate a 19% tiredness reduction, a 27% improvement on the ability to concentrate, a 37% increase of mental acuity, and a 23% increase on employees' satisfaction. The study concludes that human centric lighting has several proven benefits.

Fernando Deco, of AADL (Argentine Association of Lighting) will give a conference on the subject in BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires. The specialist explains that “the spectrum composition of artificial light, as well as the lighting level can be modeled, thus achieving an activating or relaxing effect on the human organism. The light of spaces should be thought on the basis of people needs." “The Human Centric Lighting concept supports health, well-being and performance of human beings through the combination of light visual, biological and emotional benefits”, concluded the specialist.

The birth of human centric lighting concept started when different color temperatures were achieved with white led light and the checking that this light is not only captured by the human visual system, but it also influences other enzymes that regulate the human heart rate, that is to say, the day-night cycle.

Gathering these factors, together with the fact that natural light is the most adequate for view, lights that can vary from a warm tone to a cold one started to be produced and that, conveniently linked to a control system, can follow the same variation of natural light. That is to say, light an interior with the same color temperature variation that natural light has outdoors.

This way, light frames the day and night rhythm and improves the ability to concentrate and the cognitive performance, can energize, increase the alertness and facilitate relaxation, as well as modify the mood and stabilize the people’s sleep-wake cycle.

The conference by Fernando Deco will take place next Friday, September 13 at 4 p.m. in Room B of BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires. The access is free of charge and does not require previous registration. Quotas are subject to room capacity.

The exhibition will be carried out on September 11-14, 2019 in La Rural Trade Center and it is organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanical and Lighting Companies (CADIEEL) and Messe Frankfurt Argentina.

The exhibition is only for businessmen and professionals of the sector.  With an invitation: free of charge. People under 16 years will not be admitted, even if attending with an adult. 

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Background information on CADIEEL
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Background information on Messe Frankfurt Argentina
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