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LumiAR Space: Lighting that inspires

With a focus on innovative design and an avant-garde aesthetic proposal, the LumiAR space invites you to discover the latest in 100% Argentine-made design lighting.

In LumiAR – a proposal jointly developed by Messe Frankfurt Argentina and 90+10, the online medium specialized in creative culture with a focus on design and lifestyle – six of the foremost lighting brands showcase their latest projects and share their views on the current state of the industry.

Doña 3D, Estepa, iMdi iluminación, Mags Design, a3, and Oblumo present their latest lighting projects, created by local artists, designers, and architects using a wide range of materials and manufacturing technologies.

Meet the Creators

His lamps are manufactured using FDM printing technology, which deposits PLA filament in overlapping layers. Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a biodegradable polymer derived from lactic acid, which is produced from 100% renewable resources such as corn, beets, wheat, and other starch-rich products.

The Estepa project, which combines design and socio-environmental commitment. His lamps are inspired by the 'horneros' – a South American bird – and the structure of their nests. His pieces are handmade, and their production provides jobs and training to people from disadvantaged socio-economic sectors, thus helping them join the formal employment circuit. The lampshades are manufactured with reused cardboard to minimize environmental impact.

Their lamps, with clean and timeless shapes, use acrylic, aluminum, and polyethylene. Following the highest quality standards in their production, they furnish residential, corporate, and commercial spaces.

Mags Design project that offers contemporary-style decorative luminaires in turned wood of incense, banana, or cedar, combined with metal, glass, concrete, textiles, and natural fibers.

a3 is a studio that designs and develops lamps, scenery, signage, objects, and furniture. Their taste for the simple and functional is especially reflected in the lighting area, where each handmade ceramic piece provides creative and technical flexibility to the product.

Oblumo specializes in woodturned lamps using cedar from reforestation forests, combined with glass and metals. Their Maja line comprises folding luminaires made with lacquered MDF cutouts joined with a fabric that acts as a hinge.

Talk: Designing and manufacturing light in Argentina

Six Argentine brands that design and produce lighting fixtures – all showcased at the LumiAR space at BIEL – share their luminaires' differential through specific examples of the application of their products in residential, commercial, and corporate spaces.

Schedule this meeting to find out about the latest trends and get to know in detail the best Argentine lighting design.

More information about the talk coming soon.

Participating Brands

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