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Tips to save energy in this agonizing summer

23 Jan 2023

During the summer, as temperatures rise and heat increases, electricity usage typically reaches its peak. To decrease consumption and promote the use of renewable energy, it's important to keep certain tips in mind.

As summer begins and temperatures soar, the use of air conditioners at home becomes a necessity. To save on electricity costs, experts recommend asking yourself three key questions: What actions can I take, what can technology do for me, and how can I effectively manage technology?

When it comes to taking action on our own, some examples are installing weatherstripping on doors and windows, not ventilating while the air conditioner is on, and always contracting licensed personnel for proper installation of the equipment we use. By taking simple actions like these, we can improve the comfort provided by technology in a rational and energy-efficient way.

In general, household appliances that use a resistance to generate heat – such as irons, toasters, electric ovens, and electric kettles – tend to be among the most energy-consuming. A good tip is to strike a balance between using electricity and gas for heating. In fact, using gas to heat water is usually cheaper.

In recent years, the Argentine industry has made significant investments and advancements in technology, which is noteworthy as high-quality products can have a positive impact on energy efficiency and consumption.

A common question today is whether it's necessary to unplug appliances when they're not in use. "Even when appliances are plugged in, they continue to consume energy," says José Tamborenea, President of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanical and Lighting Companies (CADIEEL), which organizes BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires. "They are in a standby mode or a 'phantom load' state, which can consume between 3% to 8% of energy depending on the appliance and its standby state."

Choosing to purchase appliances with energy efficiency ratings of A+, A++, or A+++ not only helps the environment but also has long-term financial benefits. While these appliances may have a higher initial cost, their lifespan is often three times longer than that of basic models – when looking for appliances, it's best to choose those with energy efficiency ratings of A or higher. An example of this is an inverter air conditioner, which uses some of the energy it consumes to prepare for immediate future use, resulting in a significant reduction of 25-30% in overall electricity consumption.

During the summer months, air conditioning is the largest source of electricity consumption. It tends to consume eight times more energy than a fan due to its cooling function, motor, and gases. Similarly, the refrigerator also consumes a significant amount of energy when the door is opened frequently, allowing cold air to escape. It is important to only open the refrigerator when you know what you need, rather than spend time browsing its contents.

"A tip that not many people take into account is that it is convenient to wash clothes at night, or at times when no one is at home, if it can be programmed in such a way," says Tamborenea. "It is also important to set the air conditioner at the correct temperature – which is 24 degrees –  because the body adapts when there is a difference of between 6 and 8 degrees with the outside. For each extra degree used, it is an 8% increase in electricity spent."

What to do to take care of electrical appliances in the event of power outages

Power outages or low voltage are common during this time of year, so in those cases it's a good idea to unplug all electrical appliances, especially expensive ones, to protect them from power surges and reduce energy consumption. Leave only the lights on for when you return home, and unplug or shut off everything else.

Energy-related topics are complex since the State's planning depends on projected consumption levels. Ideally, electricity generation should exceed the demand from the population – whether it's from commercial, industrial, or individual users – to avoid power shortages and reduce the risk of voltage drops. On the other hand, though, an excessive amount of energy can lead to wastage. When we think about all the activities we perform daily, it becomes clear how dependent we are on electricity. This highlights the importance of making conscious choices to reduce energy consumption.

BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires, organized by Messe Frankfurt and the Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanical and Lighting Companies (CADIEEL), will return as the premier gathering venue for industry leaders to connect with clients, colleagues, and stay informed of the latest trends. The event will take place from April 12 to 15, 2023 at La Rural Trade Center.

This event is exclusively for industry professionals and business leaders. Free of charge with invitation. Attendees must present a valid identification document. Entry will not be permitted for individuals under the age of 16, regardless of whether they are accompanied by an adult.

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Exclusive event for professionals and business professionals of the sector. With invitation: free of charge. To register, you must submit your ID. Children under 16 years old will not be allowed even when accompanied by an adult.

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Headquartered in the city of Buenos Aires, it has 210 associates, who actively participate in the four sectors it brings together (Low Voltage, Energy, Lighting and Electronics) actively working towards national technological progress, developing and promoting the creation of alternatives that allow industries to exploit their potential, improving their levels of competitiveness in the local and international market.
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